How to get a Job during Coronavirus?

February 7, 2021 0 Comments

According to the ILO, the coronavirus pandemic has left more than 1.6 billion workers globally, struggling to make both ends meet. When people with secured careers with many larger businesses and companies, are being laid-off, how possibly could you get a job during coronavirus?

Never mind, here are a few tips to grab a handsome job amid the Covid-19 related economic crunch.

Expand Your Skill-Set

Remote work is a reality in the post-Covid-19 world. This is the ‘new normal.’ To adopt and make a place for yourself in this world, you have to expand your skill-set. Potential employers are looking for tech-savvy individuals with diverse skills and abilities. It is, therefore, a need of the hour to learn new skills and get more tech-related certification in order to get a job during coronavirus‎.

Polish Your Resume

Your resume is your image, at which an employer looks only for a few seconds. This little time decides whether you’re going to get an interview call, or the resume would find its way to a bin. So, write your resume very carefully and give a prominent place to all such skills that are imperative for doing a remote job successfully.

Smart Use of Social Media

The pandemic has also changed the hiring processes with social media gaining more importance than ever before. Make a LinkedIn profile, or pump up the one you already have. This platform, along with other social media platforms, can help you a great deal in connecting with potential employers.

Good luck with your struggle to get a job during coronavirus.

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